Work less, achieve more

Imagine an organisation where everyone thinks as one… where the left hand really does know what the right hand is doing… Where communication flows like a rapidly moving stream and employees feel empowered to embrace opportunities!

Such a company would function with a collective mind – sharing and using large amounts of complex information in a synchronised way to achievedifferent goals, with one purpose.

Introducing CollectiveMind… a new generation Content management System, developed in South Africa for medium to large corporate enterprises. More than a website, intranet or extranet, this sophisticated set of tools facilitates enterprise-wide communications and knowledge management at an unprecidented speed, at an unprecediented level… with unprecedented ease.

1. What is content management

2. Why is content management so important to your company

3. What does the Collective Mind offer


About us
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Who we are

Because the business model we use is geared towards embarking on a strategic partnership with our clients, we have a vested interest in your success and therefore work hard to establish and maintain long-term relationships based on an unassailable level of trust.
It is therefore important that you are completely comfortable with who we are, the level of our expertise and our good standing in the market place.

CollectiveMind is the brainchild of Francois Karstel who founded Sound Idea Productions in 1992. Sound Idea is a well established e-media company concentrating on all aspects of web development and new media.

Sound Idea Productions offers an unrivalled combination of design and programming expertise. Utilising the latest technology, our experienced team offers a comprehensive blend of skills ranging from web design and multimedia authoring to Internet software development and e-business.
Programming languages and scripts used include: HTML, XML, ASP, PHP,  Java, JavaScript, VBScript and Dynamic HTML.


Content Management
“Content Management Systems” or CMS’s are playing a major role in the new generation of websites and intranets.’

But, what is a Content Management System?

  • A CMS is a system designed to ease the task of managing and maintaining a website or intranet by allowing administrators full updating and managing capabilities.
  • A CMS is a sophisticated, data driven, modular site.
  • The structure of the system is such that it offers full administrative capabilities i.e. administrators can make changes and add material directly to the site.
  • CMS offers a wide range of interactivity modules.
    CMS can be adapted to any look and feel, and can be updated as often as desired without having to rely on a site administrator outside of the company. A content management System can but maintained from within the company by non-technical staff.